Beginning a profession as an IIT student, today Mr K.M.Sinha is a well recognized Vedic astrologer and Kundali Expert not only in India but in various different parts of the world. Being the best astrologer in Delhi, he is very popular for giving accurate predictions concerning political issues. According to him, astrology is a science, dealing with the position of various planets. At a young age, to earn a living and pursue his dreams of becoming an astrologer, Mr K.M.Sinha provided chemistry coaching to students and started studying, analyzing and understanding the astrological principles.

K.M. Sinha, explains that a Kundali made by date, time and place of birth play an important role as it is the base to make any astrological predictions. Through astrological predictions, he helps people in getting aware of difficult periods of their lives, and provide remedies to solve those problems. Also tells them how they can utilize the best times and make it work in their favour. Astrologer K.M.Sinha is a known Kundali Expert and the best astrologer near me who make predictions through palmistry and numerology, horoscope, Panchang and Kundali.

“Destiny is not about stars alone, the benefit of guidance helps you take the right path to success.”
Kundali Expert tries to improve and strengthen the effects of different planets on one’s life. Some of the services offered at Kundali Expert include-

Panchang: Panchang implies five limbs i.e. naal, tithi, nakshatram, yogam and Karanam. also, is an exceptionally valuable Hindu astrological guide. Kundali Expert, a customised panchang is made based on the date time and place of a person and based on the position of different planets, Kundali Expert provides information about the favourable time to start a particular work, travel, purchase a new asset or start a new investment.

Horoscope: The birth chart of an individual is prepared dependent on the time, place and date and this astrological chart is known as a horoscope. Astrological advice is given based on the person’s zodiac sign. The position of the sun when a person is born determines the zodiac sign of an individual. Kundali Expert guides people about themselves as these signs play an essential role in a person’s overall personality. Kundali Expert not only provides a yearly horoscope but also provides daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.

Palmistry: At Kundali Expert, palmistry specialists make predictions by analysing the pattern of lines, marks on the hands and fingers. The palmist by reading the lines on the hands or palm can tell about the personality, interests and future of the person.

Numerology: Like astrology and palmistry, Kundali Expert additionally provides predictions about the future through numerology. Numerology experts use the date of birth and name of the person to unlock the mysteries that the number holds.

Kundali: Astrological experts prepare a graphical representation of the planetary positions of the person at the time of birth. Future predictions are made on the basis of the present positions of planets. Specialists can predict promising or foreboding results through Kundali reading. Kundali chart is prepared and offered by Kundali Expert – KM Sinha FREE of cost, one simply needs to provide the date, time, name and place of birth of the individual whose Kundali has to be prepared.

Consultation: Prediction and full Kundali analysis services is provided at Kundali Expert. One just has to pay a nominal amount to get a personalised consultation. This consultation charge is valid for one year and during the year, whenever they want, can contact our astrological experts and get their queries settled. The information provided is kept absolutely confidential between Kundali Expert and the client.

The calculations are based on the movements of the planets, their transition, and the corresponding psychological and environmental effects on the individual.

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